Ian Maurmann on 30 October 2018


Working on App object and Config object. Using PHP-DI as container. Take a look at the GitHub repo. It's just a start but so far so good.

Ian Maurmann on 23 October 2018


Getting started with the 2018 rewrite. Initial configuration done.

Ian Maurmann on 24 February 2018

  2018 Rewrite

I started working on this framework as a hobby project back in 2009 before entering the web development industry. It was a labor of love, and writing this framework gave me valuable experience that I was able to use on the job later.

Since that time, the framework has been left sitting here halfway-done as I hopped from job to job. A lot has changed in that time (especially in the PHP world) and I kept planning on returning to finish the framework, but never managed to muster the time and effort it required.

This year I'm going to begin rewriting Pith from scratch, incorporating everything I've learned in the industry since 2014, and (hopefully) turn it into a professional-grade framework that is easy-to-use and enjoyable to code with.

The new version will be designated as version 0.6 until it incorporates the full functionality of 0.5.

- Thanks for reading!
- Ian M.

Ian Maurmann on 01 April 2015


Various edits and fixes from the last couple months.

Ian Maurmann on 06 September 2014


Finished work on the form generation system

New form template: "Clarent"

Ian Maurmann on 11 April 2014


Major progress on the Form System:

New CAPTCHA object, security token system, and checkbox-grid for the form generation system.

Ian Maurmann on 10 March 2014


Pith Framework (alpha release 19) features several improvements to the highlighter object, and improvements to the form system object.

Ian Maurmann on 07 February 2014

  Roadmap for Pith 0.5

New plan / roadmap for finishing the features for Pith 0.5

Ian Maurmann on 05 October 2013


Release adds several new features and bug fixes, including direct support for database transactions.

Ian Maurmann on 20 September 2013


Fixed several bugs in the code highlighter object.
Ian Maurmann on 17 September 2013


Pith (alpha release 16) is now available for download

A few minor additions and bug fixes:

  • New error display functions for the database object
  • Fixed a few bugs in the Code Highlighter object

Ian Maurmann on 28 August 2013


A few minor changes and additions:

  • Started on a new object for generating and processing HTML forms. (Not ready yet)
  • New config setting 'ProjectPrefix' for using with the form system and views.
  • Edited the Readme and documentation to be more up-to-date.

Ian Maurmann on 03 May 2013


The main addition in this release is the new Highlighter Object for displaying highlighted source code in an HTML page.

Other than that there are a few minor fix-ups: fixed an error that sometimes happened while disconnecting from the database; fixed the database error that was happening during the install process; changed the toEntities( ) function in the Filter object to no longer strip out tab chars.

Ian Maurmann on 10 April 2013


Several major updates to the database object.

Ian Maurmann on 10 January 2013


Back working on Pith again, this release contains all the added features from this summer that hadn't been released yet. Pith (alpha release 12) adds features to the user system, the admin panel, and the database object.

Major Changes in :

  • User Object - new object, for accessing data about the specific user that is currently logged in
  • New section in the admin panel for viewing the user list and user data
  • Unified fetch - The database's new fetch( ) function can now be used everywhere, including both normal queries and prepared queries, instead of the old fetch( ), fetchResults( ), and fetchRow( ) functions.

Current Issues :

  • The filter object and user system expect all input to be in UTF-8, ASCII input still works fine of course but other formats will cause problems.
  • Unable to edit files in the storage area of the admin panel.
  • Links in the the admin panel that link to parts that haven't been created yet.
  • Unable to delete form submissions from where you view them in the panel, have to use the storage area of the panel instead.
  • The following areas of the panel are still not built: Pith Settings, Content Management, Admin Panel Settings

Ian Maurmann on 04 June 2012

User System

Making progress on the user system for Pith, the next release will include a user session object and a user management area in the admin panel.

Ian Maurmann on 29 May 2012

Switching Focus:

User Management System

Starting development on the User Management System. This will be accessible from the admin control panel.
  • Search for username
  • View user list by:
    • Date registered
    • Name (Alphanumeric)
    • Date last logged in
  • A user info page for each user
    • Lists all info about the user
    • Ban / suspend user option
    • Delete user option
    • Password reset option

--- That's the plan anyway!

Ian Maurmann on 16 May 2012

News Display

News display for Pith-Framework.org is up and running.
Ian Maurmann on 16 May 2012

New Site

Pith-Framework.org is up and running now.