Ian Maurmann on 24 February 2018

  2018 Rewrite

I started working on this framework as a hobby project back in 2009 before entering the web development industry. It was a labor of love, and writing this framework gave me valuable experience that I was able to use on the job later.

Since that time, the framework has been left sitting here halfway-done as I hopped from job to job. A lot has changed in that time (especially in the PHP world) and I kept planning on returning to finish the framework, but never managed to muster the time and effort it required.

This year I'm going to begin rewriting Pith from scratch, incorporating everything I've learned in the industry since 2014, and (hopefully) turn it into a professional-grade framework that is easy-to-use and enjoyable to code with.

The new version will be designated as version 0.6 until it incorporates the full functionality of 0.5.

- Thanks for reading!
- Ian M.

Ian Maurmann on 01 April 2015


Various edits and fixes from the last couple months.

Ian Maurmann on 06 September 2014


Finished work on the form generation system

New form template: "Clarent"

Ian Maurmann on 11 April 2014


Major progress on the Form System:

New CAPTCHA object, security token system, and checkbox-grid for the form generation system.

Ian Maurmann on 10 March 2014


Pith Framework (alpha release 19) features several improvements to the highlighter object, and improvements to the form system object.

Pith PHP Framework

The Pith Framework is an open source web application framework for PHP 5. The goal of Pith is to combine an easy-to-use, "pithy" framework with an admin control panel and CMS.

Pith is still under development, currently in Alpha, and is far from finished.


  • Most of the framework can be controlled though one variable: $pith
  • A database object for MySQL built on the Mysqli lib that offers easy access to prepared statements
  • A file object, (currently only does INI files though)
  • Secure file storage permissions without ending up in file-permission-hell
  • An email object
  • A built-in admin panel (still under construction but usable for a few things) that will be closely tied to the rest of the framework
  • A user login system (still under construction)


Pith itself is released under the MPL (Mozilla Public License 1.1) This means that only the framework's files themselves are copylefted. In the near future new releases might be licensed under the new MPL 2.0 instead.

Pith includes a few things that are licensed separately though:
  • The admin control panel uses jQuery. jQuery's license is MIT, (In Pith, jQuery's copyright notice is intact at the top of its file)
  • The images that Pith uses are licensed under this license (a rewording of the MIT for images) execpt for images with names starting with "stock_image_"
  • The logo of the Pith PHP Framework is retained as a trademark (™) that is allowed only for the use of the Pith PHP Framework.